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You are very unlikely to come in contact with any dangerous wildlife during your stay. However, this is the tropics and there is no harm in being cautious:

  1. Avoid walking bare foot outside the house
  2. Do not walk in long grass
  3. If you see a snake simply walk away. Snake bites are very rare, and are only likely to occur if you step on one. Even then, snakes often don’t discharge poison.

    In the unlikely event that one gets in the house. Simply tell the housekeeper or one of the gardeners. They will deal with it.

  4. You will see lots of jingjogs in the house. They are completely harmless. They do a good job eating unwanted insects
  5. You might see a tugae. They are much larger than jingjogs, and usually have blue spots. If you are nervous about them, please ask one of the staff members to remove them. We would recommend this if one gets in the bedroom.
  6. Occasionally there are large spiders in the house. The staff will be happy to deal with them.

In the event of a medical emergency, follow the guidelines given under hospitals. Also see Mosquito section.